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Hair is a fascinating industry! Hair has the power to change a persons appearance, but it also can bring out a level of confidence that soars above the stars. My journey began at an early age. When my mother was clueless on what to do with my hair. Through the struggles of many styling attempts by her. I had to quickly take control of what was going on with my head. I have always been a lover of anything stylish and fashionable. So magazines were always in my presence and i was always inspired by the many looks on the pages. From that point on, I would cut, color, curl, and pull any strand that I had to recreate the looks I would see. Others began to see how creative I was and quickly I became the “friend” that did everyone’s hair.

Experiencing all of the hair transformations over the years lead me into the world of hair and beauty. Working with and for some of the best in the business, I was able to create my own vision of what I thought was needed in this industry. Beauty has no real definition. Its a about a feeling you have within yourself. When i opened my salon I wanted the client to feel that same feeling soon as you walk through the door. To be comfortable enough to actually allow themselves to feel beautiful.

Hair Extensions are not only used to create long, luxurious length. But can hold the power to make a person suffering from hair loss, illness, or even heartbreak to feel beautiful again. That is why i created StarTaki Hair Company. I now can offer quality hair to everyone that is wanting to feel beautiful and to look like a star.

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With popular styles ranging from Body Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Curly, Silky Straight, Afro Kinky we are confident you will be able to find the hair style you are looking for. We have closures to match!



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